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2000+ Web3 Investor Database

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2000+ Web3 Investor Database

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A comprehensive database of tech investors, venture capitalists, and VC backed DAOs you can use to contact relevant investors over Twitter social network

Finding Crypto Influencers’ Twitter accounts is easy, but finding authoritative ones is a hard task.

Twitter is flooded with self-styled crypto gurus, but there are some who are the REAL DEAL.

We save you hundreds of hours by aggregating and scouting twitter profiles of Web3 Native investors, Tech Investors, DAOs, VC Partners & Crypto influencers on Twitter.

Why do you need this List?

People are generally more responsive on Twitter than any other medium: LinkedIn can be spammy, Emails can be ignored easily, and sending a cold text would be at best invasive and at worst creepy.

Our curated VC backed investors list represent thousands of funds and grants investing in early and late stage companies, mostly interested to seed-fund crypto startups & projects.

Here's what you can do with these twitter profiles:

  1. Kickstart your Web3 product startup
  2. Build your Twitter Network
  3. Flaunt your NFT Art Collection on Twitter
  4. Increase your company's ROI on Twitter

There are a plethora of options you can do with a Twitter profile list of investors. Here's a definitive Guide: How to approach Investors on Twitter Organically?

How did we collect this data?

We started building this dataset manually a year ago when we started raising money for new crypto projects. After growing it to over a thousand investors, we decided to build a few intelligent bots and compile other datasets manually to grow this investor database to a list of 6,500+ investors.

We add crypto investors and update or make improvements to the old data almost every week, but there are always improvements to be made.

Get access to 6500+ Investors' Twitter Profiles

You can get lifetime access to the list from . Here you can filter out investors based on their interest, location, topics, networks, company, DAOs, so you can pitch them your business idea or side hustle.


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No, this is a personal license, meant for individual use by the buyer.

What will happen after I make a Purchase?

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