PlanQ - Notion Template for The Eisenhower Matrix

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PlanQ is a Notion Template built around a prioritisation framework - The Eisenhower Matrix.

This matrix makes you prioritise your actions and tasks by importance and urgency. This is useful for organising your tasks when you’re very busy but don’t feel like what you do has much impact.

We ❤️ Notion! In the last 12 years we've crunched long hours of deep work, clueless 🤷, burned out and stressed. This is the technique that let us focus and succeed 😌.

As a freelancer, startup or company, If you’re always busy managing your personal-professional life, but don’t get anywhere on your long-term projects and goals, this tool is definitely for you. But it’s also a generally useful tool for deciding what to work on and what to eliminate from your life. We will help you achieve your goals and not let you jump into the fray.

  • Picking up your kid from school is more important than your urgent call with the chic boss.
  • Knowing what is important and what is urgent is the key.
  • Keep your personal and professional tasks in the same list.

What you get in this Notion Template?

1. Task Listing List Tasks as Notion Pages, so that you can save important points for the task The Notion Style

2. Focussed Views for Tasks that needs your PRIME attention and MAXX control

  • ⏰ Nearing Deadline 
  • ⏱ Urgent Task 
  • ⏳ Important Task 

3. Clear Visualisation 🧐 using Notion Database Views. Pre-made views to provide you options for moving dates, filtering, grouping based on status of tasks:

  • Table Views - Lists everything that you need to strategise and have MAXX control over your upcoming task options.
  • Calendar Views - Lists all your planned tasks based on deadline date, so that you can get a view of upcoming tasks. Move your task cards to change deadline date.
  • Board Views - Lists all your upcoming tasks based on the status of the task set by you. Move your task cards to change task status between Started/Planned

  • Gallery Views - Gallery view of all your tasks in a single list sorted by nearing deadline.

4. Timeline Views - This View shows a Bird's eye view of all Upcoming Planned Tasks in the upcoming days, weeks & months. You can drag tasks to change deadlines while you plan your tasks.

5. Help & Support - You will get full usage guide with explanation in the Notion product template. You can reach us via Email

As this is a digital product that gives you instant access to the template, this product is non-refundable. The onus is on you to ensure you are comfortable with using Notion.

For more details, Go to  👉 PlanQ

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We ❤️ Notion! 

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PlanQ - Notion Template for The Eisenhower Matrix

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